Who is Sjoerd Nieboer?     

I am Sjoerd Nieboer

Passionate about horticulture and learning, I’m a people person and a practical man. Personally, I learn best when I am intrinsically motivated.

My career started between the melons. While working between melons and tomatoes at the Gebroeders Klapwijk in Monster, I discovered that I didn’t want to become a teacher in a school, but returned to the Westland, where I was born.

My curiosity led me as a Graduate teacher in Economics to a job as a Trial manager, where I really learned about the greenhouse and the cultivation process.

During my time at the Improvement Centre I came into contact with various crops and as an Education Coordinator at GreenQ I was able to focus on the transfer of green knowledge.

At Inholland University of Applied Sciences I can use my practical knowledge and (people) skills to teach young and older talent and prepare them for a green future.

I'm a curious and creative people person. I can be a bit stubborn, but I love working with a team and I'm enthusiastic about transferring knowledge to create a learning process. I'm also a fanatic about rugby! In the past I wanted to be an inventor and secretly I dream of it regularly. I am now trying to use this inventiveness to develop new learning methods.

For an extensive curriculum vitae, I refer you to my Linkedin page.

How it started?

Easter morning 2018 I get inspired during a celebration in the Pepergasthuis church in Groningen. What I took from this celebration/service?

 "Aim our eye on infinity

That makes space and creates vigor

Earth entrusted to us

Recreate us by your spirit

Give us the bread for every day

The steppe will bloom

The water will flow"

This combined with the desire to have a social impact and independent living, meant that something had to change.

The origin of Beanstalk. My own company where I get to work with my ambition to secure and share the knowledge available in the horticultural sector.

My background in horticulture and education are the pillars of Beanstalk. I am convinced that the workplace is a great learning environment. It's a place where you are challenged to discover new things and where you find yourself. With the right guidance in this environment, you can grow.


Beanstalk is based in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands



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