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Train the trainer 

Making a connection with your audience at the right level ensures that your story really comes across. Transferring knowledge in a good way is crucial for the success of your product, service or training.

Everyone learns differently, every group is different, every customer or employee is different and that makes transferring knowledge and explanation of your product a didactic challenge. By looking at how people learn and listen you can reinforce the effectiveness of your story.

Sharing and safeguarding knowledge within the company

As a company you want to grow by sharing the knowledge of senior employees with the juniors. For example, senior growers who train young growers. Together with you we develop a training design that you can use. In this way you can safeguard knowledge in the company, the senior employees and experts become the trainers and the knowledge transfer takes place effectively and efficiently within the company. Sjoerd Nieboer (Beanstalk trainer) stands next to the seniors and prepares the training sessions with the experts, makes a lesson plan together and gives didactic tips, it is also possible that he provides the training together with the experts

How does it work?

Within this Train-the-trainer methodology you are the expert in a (Agricultural or technical) subject and we help you to transfer the knowledge in an effective way.

By jointly drawing up a course or lesson plan with underlying didactics that fits your personality, you will see that your story comes across in a different way. Together we develop a plan with a storyline, assignments and work forms that you can use.

This trajectory is possible to do 1-on-1 or in a group.

A Train-the-trainer trajectory consists of:

    • Brainstorm

    • Developing a lesson plan

    • Developing materials and working forms

    •   To evaluate

For whom?

1. Experts who work in the agricultural sector and want to share their knowledge.

2. Companies in the agricultural sector who want to safeguard their own knowledge and thus build a self-learning organization.

3. Managers who want to communicate clearly with their team.

Want to know more about "Train-the-trainer" and the possibilities for your company or organization? Contact Sjoerd Nieboer.

sjoerd@beantstalk.training or Tel +31 6 51697305

Thorben Looije, director Valto:

"Beanstalk has helped us with our question perfectly. With a surprising but effective method!"


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