Services of Beanstalk

Train the trainer    

As an expert it can be difficult to find a connection, the right level, with an audiance. To transfer knowledge in a effective way can be challenging. You are the expert in a (horticulural) topic, I will enable you to find the… 

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Sharing and securing knowledge in the company

As a company you would like to grow by sharing the knowledge of your senior staff members with the juniors. For example senior growers teaching junior growers. Together with the company we’ll develop a… 

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Masterclasses & workshops

Curious about our masterclasses & workshops, which are given by our trainers and coaches?  Dutch only! 

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Learning on the job

Where do you want to develop as an individual or as a company? Is your comfort zone big enough or do you want to expand it? Learn new skills and work on your (personal) development in horticulture. …

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