Services of Beanstalk

Learning on the job

- A customized training within the company

- Your workplace is your learning environment

- Growth as a person and professional

- Own control over your learning process

- Develop a learning attitude

- safeguarding knowledge within the company

The workplace is a great learning environment. "Learning on the Job" allows you to grow as a person and professional in the agricultural sector. Through supportive training and learning coaching, you will be tailor-made educated within the company in this unique way.

"Learning on the job" is a natural way of learning in the workplace. Central are the learning goals and learning challenges that we formulate together. Arising from the exploration that maps the learning needs of both the company and the individual.

1 to 1 or as a group

You can only start a "Learning on the job" trajectory and also as a team or group within the company. Learn with and from your colleagues and at the same time take on your own challenges. In this way the company or department will grow and develop towards predetermined goals and each individual will follow his / her own learning trajectory. This way everyone gets a unique training and coaching that he or she needs.

What can you expect?

  •   (for a group; the process starts by determining the learning questions and we make a company-wide learning plan based on the need)

  •   Develop a learning plan, determine the learning needs of the employee

  •   Intake, together we determine personal learning goals

  •   Take on learning challenges within the company

  •   Group training and peer-feedback sessions 

  •   Assessment or evaluation

For whom?

  •   Professionals who work in the agricultural sector. For example; (future) growers, supervisors and managers.

  •   Companies working on a self-learning organization.

Want to know more about "Learning on the Job"? 

Please contact Sjoerd Nieboer. or Tel +31 6 51697305

Thina Wiens, Warehouse manager at Nature Fresh Farms, Canada

“I really enjoyed this training and notice it improving myself and my team. I hope we can continue to learn and grow like the Beanstalk did.”

Frank Neufeld, General manager at Nature Fresh Farms, Canada

“We improve our organization by training the supervisors in leadership and communication skills. I believe in the Beanstalk method to let our people grow.”

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