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Philosophy of Beanstalk

About Beanstalk

The biggest challenge that the agricultural sector faces for the coming years is to acquire and keep well-trained and passionate professionals.

Beanstalk helps to build self-learning and future-proof companies in the agricultural sector, by developing the people in the organization.

The workplace is the best learning environment. Beanstalk assumes that all knowledge is already present and that it is findable.

We approach learning and developing people as a growth process. We are constantly learning! You can accelerate this process by consciously and purposefully working on this development.

Learn to grow!

Areas in which we train and coach tailor-made:

•Organization development

• Cultivation (in collaboration with Beanstalk trainer Peter Klapwijk)

• Human development (in collaboration with Beanstalk coach Marit Nieboer-Klapwijk)

"Jack and the Beanstalk" is a children's story in which magic beans grow a beanstalk into the sky. This ultimately gives Jack no small capital. The investment to buy the beans pays off.

Personal development can be compared with this story. People can reach unprecedented heights if they want to make the investment required. This means they will most likely have to step out of their comfort zone in order to grow to unprecedented heights.

The beanstalk is of course also a reference to the horticultural sector in which Beanstalk is active.

Who is Sjoerd Nieboer?     

I am Sjoerd Nieboer.

Passionate about horticulture and learning. I love people, am a real practical man, with an educational background. Personally, I learn best when I am intrinsically motivated.

My career started between the melons. While working between melons and tomatoes at the Gebroerders Klapwijk in Monster, I discovered that I did not want to teach, but returned to the Westland, where I was born.

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